• Experts in Informatica’s Integration solutions with focus on B2B

    A.B Link Consulting specializes in integration solutions with a focus on B2B Data Transformation and B2B Data Exchange technologies. A.B Link offers a full service portfolio, focusing on architecture, analysis implementation and management. Read More...

  • A.B Link presented a case study at Informatica World

    At our session at Informatica World, A.B. Link Consulting, with Informatica and Elkjop Nordics, one of the largest trading companies in consumer electronics, co-presented a case study on successful EDI gateway implementation using Informatica B2B DX.

  • DT Factory Service – put DT potential to work

    Mapping and format conversion are key components of our activities. A.B Link has a data transformation center of excellence, which, using the Informatica DataTransformation technology efficiently, quickly, and in a cost effective way, can map from/to a wide variety of files and formats for your enterprise applications. Read More...

  • A.B. Link - Expertise and Excellence

    “…The fact that the system is working well even though we had tight deadlines and changing requirements is a testament to A.B Link expertise and the solid design delivered”

    (EDI manager, Large European Retailer )


About us

A.B Link Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm specializing in data integration solutions with a focus on B2B and relevant technologies and products, such as  B2B Data Transformation & B2B Data Exchange. The company specializes in packaging Informatica solutions and products and bringing product potential and Informatica’s assurance to full realization.

Our B2B Practice leverages its extensive experience in all leading Informatica B2B integration products and solutions in the market, delivering best-of-breed solutions to the enterprises, thereby enabling them to optimize business benefits.

A.B Link is an Informatica partner focused exclusively on helping our customers innovate and compete successfully in today's changing economy. We provide proven services and solutions to keep your business on the pathway to long-term success.


Why A.B Link ?



If you have an earache, would you seek the solution at the dentist? Similarly, if your project is B2B, you want a B2B expert rather than a general data integration consulting service. Our experience and focus on Informatica and B2B allows us:




Our team includes Informatica graduates with years of experience in vertical projects. We have successfully provided data integration projects to a wide range of companies, including large, well-known corporations. ABL is partnered by IPS (Informatica Professional Services) and hired by Informatica for leading and realizing diverse projects.



A.B Link has developed a set of technological tools, documents and work methods that significantly accelerate the development process, cut costs and enable simple maintenance of the solution.


Worldwide delivery capabilities

Our team of consultants has been delivering projects for customers around the world. Our model maintains delivery at the highest level, while reducing the cost of the project to the end customer.