EDI Startup Package

ABLINK EDI Startup Framework Package

The EDI Challenge


When looked at from above, EDI integration might seem pretty simple: two trading partners exchanging well formatted documents. Is it that complex? The answer is: it usually is.

Companies are challenged to find a standardized and repeatable approach to quickly and easily build, deploy and manage integrated B2B process across a diverse trading partner ecosystem.

Informatica Data Exchange is a powerful integration and B2B tool. But, as with any other integration tool, it can be overwhelming at the beginning and require time to configure and build a solid gateway to truly address all your EDI requirements.

This is precisely why you need the ABLINK EDI startup package.

Service Description

 ABLINK has an in-depth understanding of EDI (both business and technical). Proven success in several continents has enabled us to deepen our understanding, build full-bodied assets and acquire the necessary flexibility for answering each customer’s particular needs. 

With the ABLINK EDI start-up package, you get a well-designed framework to address your EDI needs with already built assets that can very well save your organization hundreds of costly implementation and consulting hours.

The ABLINK EDI framework start-up package is a combination of a service offering, prebuilt assets and connectors. With its proven design and architecture, best practices and methodologies, the start-up package alleviates many of the typical EDI complexities, enabling you to start your EDI journey with Informatica B2B DX to realize the full value of your DX investment.

Key Deliverables

  •   Eight weeks of implementation by seasoned product and EDI experts.
  •   Installation and setup of DataExchange in your IT environment
  •   At least two onboard partners
  •   Deployment and usage of the ABLINK EDI framework package, including:
    •    Connectors to common back office applications (SAP, NetSuite, Finance  applications, and more)
    •    Ready to use, well designed and tested workflows for common business processes (POs, Invoicing, advance shipment notice and more)
    •    Partner specific configuration templates (configuring EDI attributes from UI level)
    •    Built in alerting and mail templates
  •  Open and extendable EDI architecture enabling:
    •     Quick and simple onboarding of new partners
    •     Integration of EDI data not only to ERPs but also to other systems (finance, supply chain, replenishment, etc.)
    •     Support for non EDI transactions (XML, XLS message, etc.)
  •    Instruction of internal staff on how to work with the EDI framework

For more information, contact us at info@ablinkconsulting.com