Training Offering

ABLINK’s vision and methodology

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We believe that a training course should, above all, be practical and focus on important topics through extensive laboratory experience and real-world examples instead of presenting a theoretical, academic course that teaches feature by feature.

Our goal – every trainee will be able to start working on project tasks immediately after the course.

As product experts with a combined delivery experience of over 50 years, we have pinpointed what areas of knowledge are essential for day-to-day work: these key subjects form the focus of every course. This means more hands-on exercises, more real-time examples and more time is actually dedicated to these topics. We also review less essential encountered functionality with training presentations explaining them in detail.

At ABLINK, we know how to teach Informatica. Hands-on experience from years of building end-to-end implementations has made us true product experts.

“The three-day DT Studio training was packed with information, with approximately half of the time spent on hands-on exercises. It was very interactive and tailored to our needs with the lecturer always willing to answer our questions and help when we got stuck on any of the labs. With zero knowledge in the beginning, I’m sure we will be able to handle most requirements after the training.”

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