DT Factory

Informatica Data Transformation Factory Service


Service Description

The purpose of this service is to provide organizations owning Informatica B2B Data Transformation (DT) technology in one of its flavors (see table on bottom left) an efficient and cost-effective way to leverage the technology to its best.

When an Informatica customer acquires DT, usually the first challenge is to find resources with the right level of expertise, and often existing Informatica technical resources lack the necessary experience with DT. Moreover, maintaining a scalable DT knowledge appropriate to changing business needs is a challenge

A.B LINK Data Transformation Factory service bridges these gaps. Our DT gurus implement any DT mapping task on behalf of your company, remotely or onsite, depending on requirements and budget constraints.

We work side by side with your technical and business resources to bring the implementation to production level.

The options are wide. We have customers leveraging the service only for the most complex DT transformations, while others use it extensively for all their DT implementation and maintenance.Download data sheet

Value Proposition

  • Faster response to business needs – Rapid completion of maps by seasoned Informatica DT experts, with the ability to change and adapt quickly to new requirements or regulations.
  • Fixed price model (optional) – Pay per DT transformation. No hidden cost, no learning curve. Pay for results.
  • One stop shop for all your XML \ Unstructured \ Documents (xls, word, pdf)   integration requirements
  • Simple scaling up or down based on your need for mapping services.
  •   You can keep relying on your Informatica resources for core Power Center  development. They will receive the DT mappings and will embed them into their PwC mappings.

Who is right for this Service?  

  • Customers of PowerCenter real time edition \B2B Data Transformation \ Data Exchange \ UDO \AXO
  • Informatica customers with any XML \ unstructured data integration requirement
  • Informatica customers with large or complex set of DT requirements

Key Deliverables

  • Production level mappings (fully documented)
  • Support and maintenance of existing DT services
  • Knowledge transfer of the implementation

For more information, contact us at info@ablinkconsulting.com