Our Consulting Service

A.B Link Consulting specializes in integration solutions and Informatica software. A.B Link offers a full service portfolio, focusing on architecture, analysis, implementation and management.

We have successfully provided data integration projects to a wide range of companies, including large, well-known corporations. Our success is due to our focus on our expertise in Data Integration and B2B. Our in-depth knowledge of the concepts, methodologies, and the ability to tailor a complete solution to the customer make us the right choice to deliver the right solution in the fastest time.

As part of the project, our expert advisers accompany the client from the early stages of implementing of the solution. This includes installation of the product, writing the architecture, and creating an initial integration that facilitates the best use of the product, while transferring knowledge and cooperating with the customer.

A.B. Link Consulting would be pleased to direct any potential customer to one of our clients for a reference.


Informatica Products we provide consulting for:

  • Informatica PowerCenter Consulting
  • Informatica Data Transformation (DT) Consulting
    – including Unstructured Data Option in PowerCenter
    – including advanced XML option in  PowerCenter
  • Informatica Data Exchange (DX) Consulting
    – including Managed File Transfer (MFT) Consulting
  • Informatica HParser & Hadoop  Consulting – Easily process any file format in an optimize way in the Hadoop  environment
  • Informatica Data Integration Hub (DIH) Consulting